Welcome to St Luke’s website. I trust it will give you an insight into the life of St Luke’s and all that goes on here.

At St Luke’s we seek to be people who look ‘UP’ as we worship God through every aspect of our lives. We try to let God ‘IN’, through His Holy Spirit, to do His transforming work within us. This should ensure that as Christians we then look ‘OUT’, with our lives and actions being directed by God as we act and speak the good news of the Gospel. The challenge to each of us as Christians is ‘Do our lives follow this “UP, IN, OUT” pattern?’

Our St Luke’s Church vision statement says we are “Engaging with the God of love at the heart of life”. We seek to engage with God through ‘Worship, ‘Word, and Works’ and in the ‘World’. The challenge to each of us as Christians is ‘Are we really engaging with this God of love each day?’

St Luke’s is a church that has been, and continues to be, blessed by God in many ways. We are so fortunate to have so many committed and generous people, however we are still very much a ‘work-in-progress’, which of course all of us are throughout our Christian life.

To continue to change and develop as a church, to continue to face the exciting challenges and opportunities that God gives us, we need to continue to grow as a church. That growth is not simply in numerical numbers but more importantly in our Christian faith and trust, and it can only come about when each of us allows God, through His Holy Spirit, to change us as individuals and work within us as a body.

I trust and pray that you will want to join us at St Luke’s as each of us seeks to engage with the God of love at the heart of life as we reach up, in worship, as we reach in, allowing God’s word to change and guide us, and as we reach out through works, into His world.

God Bless

Rev Dave Middlebrook


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