Feb 042015

This Lent we are being challenged to live our lives differently in light of our faith. God’s love has a habit of turning things upside down and we are called by God’s love into God’s love to be God’s love in the world.

Sign up to this initiative by St Alban’s diocese at the Live the Challenge website to receive a Bible verse, short reflection and a challenge to action, as well as ideas for children and families, every day by email. Alternatively you can receive it all by text or follow it from @live_challenge on Twitter.

It all starts on Ash Wednesday, February 18th.

“As the General Election campaign warms up, this is a brilliant opportunity to explore  the ways in which faith invites us to live differently and how God’s love has a habit of turning things upside down.”

Mar 262013

A short talk by Grace during our Palm Sunday service followed by a meditation from the Iona Community on the thoughts of one of the owners of the colt ridden by Jesus into Jerusalem read by Jack Watson.

The meditation was followed by 3 minutes of silence to let the meditation settle and for us to hear what God is saying to us through those thoughts. Please take the time to reflect and hear for yourself what God is saying to you after listening.

Mar 182013

Greg Wiley continues our Lent series on The Road to Discipleship with a talk on worship looking at Jesus’ anointing in Bethany found in John 12:1-8 and Paul’s own testimony from Philippians 3:4-14.


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