Zechariah: The Priest, the King and the Messiah

Revd. Chris Jones

2nd July, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Zechariah 6 |


Tonight we look more closely as the crowning of Joshua in Zechariah chapter 6.  Having worked through the somewhat confusion visions given to the prophet God has been carefully putting into place every piece of His plan for His people.  The future not just the for the people of Israel at that time or their future into the time of Jesus, but right into this moment and to the point when God’s recreation of all things will be complete.
The people of Israel wanted a strong leader as they felt threatened by many strong and aggressive enemies.  However, God reveals that He has a different plan. Zechariah is called to crown the Joshua as a King; the High Priest is a representative of the people before God and a King of the people.  We see through this symbolic crowning how God’s plan speaks of Jesus and His position as our High Priest and King.

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