Zechariah: A World Conqueror and A Prince of Peace

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

23rd July, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Zechariah 9:1-17; Matthew 21:1-5 |


In Zechariah 1-8 is God speaking through the prophet to encourage and challenge the post-exile remnant of Judah to rebuild the temple and rebuild their lives focused on God. There is then a 40 year gap to Zechariah 9-14 where God, through the prophet, promises the coming Messiah, both his first coming and second coming. God lays out His vision of the Kingdom of God, and speaks against values of the world that may corrupt and oppress. In Zechariah 9 the prophet does this by contrasting the oppressive, destructive campaign of a worldly conqueror, Alexandra the Great, with the uplifting, peaceful approach of the ultimate world conqueror the prince of peace. Zechariah 9:1-6, although written over 150 years before Alexandra the Great, describes in great details his rampaging campaign southward as he spread his empire. It contains the promise in v8 that God will defend his people, and indeed they were rescued miraculously from Alexandra the Great Josephus the historian tells us. The Prince of Peace is contrasted with the world conqueror in v9-12, humble (riding on a young donkey) as opposed to a war horse, righteous as opposed to violent, and bringing salvation. We see who the real world conqueror is as Alexandra the Great is now a few paragraphs in dusty history books, while Christ, the Prince of Peace, is alive and followed by billions across the world.

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