“We’re All Going On a …..”

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

17th July, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Mark 6:30-44 |

Summer is a great time for holidays, days out and getting away from our usual routine. We've worked hard at school college, work, and feel we deserve a good holiday. Originally "Holy-days" were days away from busyness of everyday life to focus on God. The question is 'do we take God on holiday?' - well obviously yes because He is with us everywhere we go at every moment of every day, but do we consciously focus on Him on holiday. In Mark 6 Jesus' disciples had been working hard and he said to them "Come with me .....get some rest" -  he knew they needed time away. Their hopes of a quiet time were thwarted by the 5000 people who ran round the lake to find them. The crowd were rushing, wanting to see Jesus, wanting the latest 'fix'. Jesus saw their need and said to them 'sit down, rest, and God will feed you' - and He did. This summer, whether away or at home, take time to rest, focus on God, and be nourished by Him. Ensure some 'Holy-days' in your holidays.

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