Vision & Values – Discovery Day

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

5th June, 2016 ()

Bible Text: John 15:15-1-8 and Acts 2:42-47 |

As we approach our church Discovery Day on 18th June when, together, we will be considering what God has next for St Luke's, it is good to look back at some of the teaching we had early in the year and in our Lent session. In those times we looked at what Christ asked of his disciples and us, and also what was the pattern of the early church. Our John 15 reading challenges us to ask ourselves, as individuals and as a church, two questions:
1) Are we connected to the vine - to Christ - and is the life of Christ flowing through us?
2) If we are connected to the vine then what fruit are we producing?
In our Acts reading we see how the early church remained connected to Christ and we see the fruit they produced. The early church was far from perfect, and was very much in its infancy, but their desire was to be in partnership with each other and Christ to further the Gospel and to bring glory to God.
As we approach our Discovery Day, as we look to God to grow what is happening at St Luke's, his vine in this corner of his vineyard, let's continue to seek to 'remain in Christ' and to 'bear fruit' for God's glory.

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