Vision & Values 5: Over to You – 1

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

14th February, 2016 ()

Bible Text: John 21:1-19 |


The last chapter of John's gospel is like an epilogue, with Jesus handing over to his disciples the ministry for the future. We mixed metaphors in the two main stories; 'fishing for sheep' or 'shepherding fish'. In this chapter we see a living parable as Jesus affirms and confirms for the disciples their roles now Christ has finished his earthly ministry. They are called to 'fish' and 'shepherd' for Christ, and with his authority and in his way, and when they do so the promise is they will have a bountiful catch of fish. These two metaphors give us a good balance for the ministry of the church. Most churches are quite good at shepherding, looking after the lambs, pasturing, protecting, feeding. But how good are we at fishing? Peter and the disciples said 'I am going fishing' and then in the mist and fog did it Christ's way and not theirs. Are we willing to go fishing and listening for the prompting of Christ to caste our nets? Let's commit ourselves to 'fish for sheep' and 'shepherd the fish'.

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