The Vine & The Trellis

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

10th January, 2016 ()

Bible Text: John 15:1-17 |


When growing vines they need planting, weeding, watering, a trellis to climb on, but they grow naturally. Church is similar, our role is to create the right environment, the right structure, but God makes it grow (1 Corinthians 3:6). In the Old Testament the vine represents God's chosen people, and most references are usually associated with judgement, because God's people have fallen short of what He asks of us. This 'judgement' continues in the parables of Christ in the New Testament. Into this understanding Christ says "I am the vine". Jesus is the real thing, the perfect obedient son, showing us what we're meant to be. Christ says 'remain in me' and 'you'll bear much fruit'. Believe in Christ, believe He is saviour, seek to follow God, relate to one another in love, and focus on the cross, and you will bear fruit. The fruit is a change in character, as well as drawing others to Christ. This applies corporately as well as individually. As a church we have a trellis, a structure, we seek to create the right environment, and God will bring growth. As a church we need know what our values, so we know what type of vine we are seeking to cultivate at St Luke's, and then watch God make it grow.


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