The Radical Disciple: Balance


28th July, 2013 ()

Bible Text: 1 Peter 2:1-17 |


Dave Middlebrook asks who are you? There are moments in our lives when we must stand up and ask ourselves who are we? Are we Christians? Do we feel as though we are God's chosen people?

The other reading used was John 3:1-8.

When push comes to shove do we stand up and admit to who we are in Christ?

Images of who we are from 1 Peter:

  1. Born again - we need to crave the spiritual milk of God's word to grow. Are we spending time in prayer and reading our Bibles?
  2. Living stones - building the church, the church is growing globally, which part of the building are we?
  3. A royal priesthood - are we worshipping God with our lives?
  4. A chosen people, a people belonging to God - are we revealing Christ through our words, actions, priorities?
  5. Strangers in the world - we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, are we reflecting Kingdom values?
  6. Servants of God - freed by Christ from sin to serve God in our lives.

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