The Only Saviour

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

17th January, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Isaiah 43:1-13 |

Isaiah was the first, and probably the greatest, of the old testament prophets. His role was to challenge the people of Israel on their relationship God. The first 39 chapters of Isaiah are scathing pronouncements against the people, while the last 27 chapters contain consolation and hope for Israel, and speak of God's rescue plan of redemption, both short-term and long-term. As we read Isaiah, though our New Testament spectacles, we can see it speaks to the people of the time, but also of the Messiah to come, which we see come to fruition in Christ. In chapter 43, through Isaiah, God reminds the people, and us, who they are. Despite their turning away from Him, and despite our rebellious ways, God has not abandoned His people, he made them, redeemed them, and summoned them. Like the people of Israel we too are 'precious and honoured in his sight'. God then tells the people what will happen; he will be with them protect them, ransom them, and bring them back. The same applies for us. As we peal back the layers of the prophets writing we see glimpses of the messiah to come, the ultimate witness and servant, the only saviour. Isaiah 43 speaks of God's with-ness and God's witness, ultimately revealed in Christ.

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