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Dave Clarke

20th December, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Luke 1:39-55 |

The 4th Sunday in Advent traditionally focuses on “Mary the mother of Jesus” so today we look primarily at the message from Luke 1 which covers Mary’s song, better known as the Magnificat.

In the run up to her song, we see how Luke honours Mary, together with her ageing cousin Elizabeth, as heroines of the Christmas story, model disciples in their faith, humility and servant heart.

As Mary grasps the significance of Elizabeth’s prophetic words to her, especially that she is the “Mother of my Lord”, Mary bursts into the song we call the Magnificat; a revolutionary song indeed and one which we break down into…..

  • A love song (v46-49)
  • A faith song (v50-53)
  • A song of hope (v54-55)

Finally, we take up the challenge of Mary’s song to join God’s  revolution of heart and soul that she embodies - God’s Upside Down Kingdom, where worldly values are reversed and faith, hope and love remain!

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