Shaping Up: The Path to Change

The Challenge of Change book cover

6th October, 2013 ()

Bible Text: Isaiah 43:16-19 |


Dave Middlebrook begins a new sermon series on change, following Phil Potter's book The Challenge of Change.

Change is difficult and uncomfortable and involves sacrifice, but change is all around us. In this changing world is the church adapting? The church must not become a museum.

God is a God of change and transformation.

"At the heart of the change problem is the problem of changing hearts" - Phil Potter

Phil Potter suggests that there are 5 heart issues for change:

  1. Honesty
  2. Humility
  3. Hunger
  4. Hurt
  5. Hope

The readings that accompanied this talk were:

  • Isaiah 40:28-31
  • Isaiah 43:16-19
  • Matthew 5:3-10

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