SHAPED: Following Your Heart & Using Your Abilities


1st November, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Romans 12:1-8 |


Last week we heard from Drs Sujai and Lavanya, who run the Nireekshana Aids clinic In Hyrdabad, India. They had found their God given purpose, which matched their SHAPE, as God used their spiritual gifts, abilities, personalities, training and experience, and broke their heart for AIDS sufferers. God also has a plan and purpose for each one of us, and asks us to seek it. God can use anything we are passionate about, big and small, for his purposes. God asks us to offer our abilities to him and his service. We're asked to offer our bodies, our SHAPE, as 'living sacrifices', and when we find God's purpose we will find fulfilment.

Not sure you have anything to offer? In the feeding of the 5000 the little boy offered his picnic, along with generosity, courage, trust, faith, and some prayer I suspect, and God did great things with his 'little offering'. Let's not limit God by assuming there is nothing we can offer.

Are you willing to offer the your abilities and passions for God to use?

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