Romans – The Spirit Alive In Me

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

8th May, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Romans 8:1-17 |


Throughout Romans 1-7 Paul has spoken a lot about the sinful nature (flesh) of humanity, and how we are all self-centred, self-focused, and on the road to destruction. Paul has said the only way to move forward and change is to put to death this 'old self'. It is only through accepting and claiming what Christ has done on the cross that any of us can be set free. Rom 8 begins with "Therefore .....", meaning that as a consequence of what has been  said so far - Romans 8 is a real hiatus. Romans 8 gives us an insight into what this new life in the Spirit can be like - Christ-focused, putting God first, and allowing His Spirit to guide us. v1-2 - is the theme of the whole chapter, if not the word of God, 'no condemnation for those in Christ'. v3-4 gives as a Trinitarian explanation of God's saving power. v5-11 contrasts the sinful nature and living by the Spirit. v12-17 speaks of the wonderful truth that we have been adopted as true children of God, with all the benefits that entails. To quote Rose from Dr Who we have the opportunity to live 'a better life - a better way of living - not just to give up, but to make a stand and say no' as we journey through life with the Lord of Time.

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