Remembrance Day: Sacrifice

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

8th November, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 62:5-12 |

All over Europe, indeed the world, are military cemeteries with rows upon rows of headstones. These headstones reveal the names of young lives cut short. But they are not simply names but are brothers, fathers, sons, friends and colleagues of those who carry the scars and hurts of shattered dreams and 'what might have beens'. Every headstone tells a story, and almost every family in the UK will have tales of how shattered family members carried their grief. These young men, and their relatives, paid the price for our freedom, a freedom we often take for granted. In the light of such tragedy we hold onto the psalm that says: "God is strong and the Lord is loving".

As we give thanks for the sacrifice of many today we must also remember that Christ paid the sacrifice for our ultimate freedom. A price that opened the door of heaven, to bring forgiveness, for all those who trust in him. Christ paid a once and for all sacrifice for all people (Hebrews 9:28).

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