Psalms: 134 & 135: The Heart of Worship

Dave Clarke

23rd October, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 134 & 135; John 4:21-24 |


Psalm 134 marks the end of the group of psalms entitled ‘Songs of Ascent’ – psalms that were sung by pilgrims making the journey to Jerusalem and the Temple for one of the major festivals, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.

By the time Psalm 134 is read or sung, the journey for the pilgrims is over, the appointed destination has been reached and this psalm is recited as part of the night time worship in the Temple courtyard. As such, this short psalm has much to teach about the nature of worship as praise and blessing, especially when taken in conjunction with the following Psalm 135 which expands the same themes……….

  • What it means for us to praise and bless the Lord
  • What it means for the Lord to bless us

Finally, we look at some New Testament connections to the theme of praise, including John 4:21-24, where Jesus talks about worshipping God “in Spirit and in truth”.

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