Prayer – It’s All About You

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

24th July, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 3:1-22; John 1:43-49 |


Often our prayers are about ourselves; what is bothering us, where we've been, what we've done ....etc. We may occasionally pray about things in the news and others we know, but always from our point of view. It is all about us. But we know prayers should actually be all about God and what is on His heart. In our Exodus reading Moses has a life changing moment when he meets God through the burning bush. This changes Moses' understanding of God and his relationship with God. God knows Moses by name (v4), knows everything about him [As Jesus does with the people he encounters - Jn1:48], hears the cries of the people (v7), He is a holy God (v4-5), and is an eternal God (v6, 14-15). When we grasp that God calls us by name, knows us, knows our needs, hears our cries before we cry, and is holy and eternal, then the focus of our prayers changes, and for us it becomes all about God. But for God, in His grace and mercy, because He knows us, knows our inner needs, and despite the fact He is eternal, holy and all embracing, He says to each and every one of us "for me it is all about you!"

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