Pray, Give, Serve: Give

Dave Clarke

3rd July, 2016 ()

Bible Text: 2 Timothy 1:1-10 |


This mini series of talks has arisen out of our recent Discovery Day and the theme for this morning’s sermon is “Give”, taken from some words of Jesus; “Freely you have received, freely give (Matthew 10:8)”

The principle is to grasp the grace of God and the many good things he has given us then to give them away for the benefit of others and the extension of God’s Kingdom; the “many things” including our….

- Natural abilities and talents (God’s gift through creation)

- Spiritual gifts and fruits (God’s gift through new creation or salvation)

- Time, energies and passions

- Material wealth and possessions

Finally, we pick up Paul’s challenge to his young, timid protege Timothy to “fan in to flame the gift of God within him (2 Timothy 1:6),” then apply the same truth to ourselves with a view to encouraging the identification and use of all God’s gifts within the church and for the wider community.

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