Pentecost: We Have Who it Takes


8th June, 2014 ()

Bible Text: 2 Timothy 1:3-7 |

Our mission partner in Hungary, Erzsebet Komlosi, gives an update on Scripture Union's work in Hungary and preaches at our Pentecost service.

Do we sometimes feel that we are inadequate for the jobs that God has entrusted us to do?

Erzsebet asks: What is your Ephesus? What is your God-sized assignment? Timothy needed the encouragement of Paul so that Timothy would be given the courage and boldness to lead the dysfunctional church in Ephesus.

Paul reminds Timothy that he needn't worry about having what it takes because Timothy has who it takes. Timothy  has the Spirit of power, love and self-discipline.

We all have what it takes because we all have who it takes; God's Spirit poured out on His Church at Pentecost.

The other reading used in this service was: Acts 2:1-21

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