Pentecost: The Holy Spirit is Moving

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

15th May, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Acts 2:1-21 |

If we try and carry out any job with the wrong tools we usually get ourselves in a mess. We need the right tool for the right task. Jesus promised his disciples that once he'd ascended into heaven he would send the Holy Spirit, the 'right tool', to equip them for the task of spreading the gospel. 50 days after Easter the disciples were hiding, feeling ill-equipped to spread the news of Jesus as he'd asked them too. Suddenly with flames, wind, and power the Holy Spirit came and equipped them and enabled them. That same Holy Spirit comes to us today to equip us, just as we've been praying in our week of prayer "Thy Kingdom Come". The Spirit comes with 'fire' to refine us and get rid of the bad within us, and remind us that God is holy. The spirit comes with 'wind' to show us God is powerful, and the same power that raised Jesus from the dead works in us. The spirit comes as a dove, in peace, to reassure us and warm our hearts, and show that God will do nothing that is fearful. Let us pray that the same Holy Spirit we saw at Pentecost blows through us, through St Luke's, and through the church in the UK.

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