Excellence in Leadership: Nehemiah, Building the Wall


20th September, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Nehemiah 2:11-3:3,6,13-15a,31-32 |


Dave Middlebrook continues our series looking at the man Nehemiah, who gives us a model of excellence in Godly leadership.

We see Nehemiah balancing the Godly attributes of prayer with careful use of his God given gifts, and God asks us to use this principle when we are working for him, prayer and careful planning.

Nehemiah does his reconnaissance of the state of the walls and then motivates all the people, as he identifies himself with them - "Come let US rebuild". We see all the people working together under Nehemiah's leadership, guidance, and prayerful planning. But opposition is rising and is on the way ..... Let us be leaders who listen to God, trust God, use our God given skills, influence, and character for Him, in the place and role he has put us.

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