Natural Evangelism: The Power of Evangelism

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

12th March, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 1:1-8; John 17:13-23 |


The most powerful rocket ever built was the Saturn V used in the Apollo missions, and that incredible piece of engineering took men into space. The rocket had incredible Power. But that power was nothing when compared to the power that created space itself, that made you and me, and that raised Jesus from the dead. That power, the power of the Holy Spirit, is available to us now, and indeed dwells within us as Christians today. Jesus knew that we would find it a struggle to share our faith, he knows that people at times 'hate' (John 17:14) the message of the gospel. But he prays for us, asks God to 'sanctify us' (set us apart for this task), and then equips us with 'the power of the Holy Spirit' (Acts 1:8). Our task is to tell people about the Jesus we have met and come to know, and then we leave the rest to the power of God, as it is the Holy Spirit who convicts and who converts. Jesus asks us to be willing to use our lives for the sharing of the most incredible news in the world, the news of the gospel, and he equips us with power from on high, the power of the Holy Spirit, to carry out that task.

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