My Ways: Teach them to your Children


6th September, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Deuteronomy 4:5-10 |


In Mark 10:13-16 Jesus welcomes and blesses the young children. This attitude was radical and surprising, quite unlike his disciples who considered the children of such little worth that they wanted to get them out of the way asap!  Instead it was the parents who were to be commended for bringing their children to Jesus. The OT reading from Deuteronomy 4 outlined the crucial task of passing on the faith (God’s mighty acts) to the next generation and herein lies the challenge for us as a church and as Christian parents.

Our children need to see a genuine love of Jesus in us and not just a part-time, Sunday only religion that never touches the rest of our lives. Through this living relationship with Jesus/God, we can encourage our children by example as they learn to pray, to find their way around the Bible in the context of a church family. Finally, Jesus uses the story of welcoming the children to teach adults that the only way into his Kingdom is through a child-like (not childish!) trust and dependency on Jesus and his offer of salvation through his sacrificial death and resurrection.

The other reading in this service is Mark 10:13-16

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