Lessons from the Early Church: Power in Speaking

Dave Clarke

29th October, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 4:23-31; Luke 11:9-13 |


Outline: This sermon continues our series on “Lessons from the Early Church.” The theme for the evening was “Power in Speaking” from Acts chapter 4, in the aftermath of Peter and John’s arrest following the miraculous healing of a man crippled from birth. It addresses the issues of boldness in both prayer and outreach following the example of the early church in Jerusalem. We consider these two directions:

· TOWARDS GOD - power in speaking to God in PRAYER. We consider their boldness, their words and priorities in prayer, especially noting the power of praise as prayer to a sovereign God

· TOWARDS THE WORLD - the power in speaking to others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need to be mindful of the Scriptures which point to Jesus and work of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Finally we consider some of the ways in which we need to be bold before God in an increasingly secular world, averse to Christian truth.

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