Kingdom of Heaven: Treasure & Net

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

27th August, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 13:44-52 |


What is your most treasured possession? Would you be willing to give it up for anything? Jesus, in his parables about treasure in the field, and a priceless pearl, says that we have to be willing to give up everything for the Kingdom of Heaven. Is that too great a price or a price worth paying? Jesus then uses a picture of the dragnet to help us understand a hard message about the end of time, when the 'good fish' are taken safely in, and the 'bad fish' thrown away. Finally in his 4th little parable of this section (v52) he says that we should always be seeking to discover more about the Kingdom of Heaven, we will never have all the answers, and there is always more 'gems' to discover. In the end being part of the Kingdom of Heaven is not about us, we are only 'righteous' when we place our trust and faith in Christ and what he has done, when the cross of the treasure map is written on our hearts - the cross marks the spot.

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