Kingdom of Heaven: Mustard Seeds & Yeast

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

20th August, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 13:31-35 |


Jesus continues his teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven with two further parables. The Kingdom of Heaven being anywhere and everywhere where God rules, where Christ is King, where there is a different set of values, and where belief is shown in action as much as in words, and where we ask God to weed out the bad that is within each one of us. From these two parables we see of the Kingdom:
Mustard Seed: from small beginnings faith can grow, and grow quick, and the Kingdom is large enough to accept all who seek Christ as King.
Yeast: a small amount makes an incredible difference, it multiples rapidly, and it is everywhere in every part of life.
Take heart where our faith seems small, and where-ever God places you each day you can make a difference for Him, even if it is mainly 'hidden'.

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