Kingdom of Heaven: Debt

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

10th September, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 18:21-35 |


As we have seen over the last few weeks to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven is a call to us to live by different priorities and patterns of life to those around us. One of the most challenging aspects of living by the values of the Kingdom is forgiveness. Jesus addresses this issue in the parable of the unforgiving servant. Here he contrasts the extravagant forgiveness and mercy of the King, forgiving his servant an extraordinary debt, with that of the servant who wouldn't forgive his fellow servant a relatively small amount. God's forgiveness to all humanity, as shown by Christ on the cross, is extravagant and almost beyond measure - no matter what we, or anyone has done, if we accept Christ's death of the cross, repent, and say we believe in Him, we are forgiven. But so often we, like the unforgiving servant, we take that forgiveness for granted and fail to forgive those around us. Despite regularly saying the Lord's Prayer ('forgive us as we forgive others') we more often act along the lines of C.S.Lewis' quote "everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until there is something to forgive". We're asked to continually forgive, no matter what the crime against us, and we have to ask the Holy Spirit to equip us to do so, because it is so hard and against our human nature. "How many times should we forgive?" - an immeasurable number of times because God has given us and all humanity an immeasurable amount.

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