Keep Calm and Forgive


18th September, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Philemon 1-25; Matthew 6.9-15 |

Forgiveness is often so difficult, although we are called to forgive for the reasons:  1  God modeled forgiveness, he forgave us,  2  God tells us to forgive,  3 Forgiveness is good for us.  We have been forgiven so much, by Christ's love on the Cross, let us also share that forgiveness by forgiving others and ourselves.  What is the source of our strength to forgive?
Corrie Ten Boom was put in a concentration camp in the Second World War for harbouring Jews.  Corrie’s sister, Betsie and other family members died in the Ravensbucke camp.  When Corrie met one of the prison guards years later she struggled to forgive him, but, somehow, she managed it – thinking of how Jesus has forgiven her sins completely.  Corrie links the cross directly to forgiveness.  We lay our forgiveness at the foot of the cross, because that is the source of our forgiveness.
Can we forgive, no we can’t.  It is often not within our power to forgive.  But what is impossible for us, is possible for God.  God’s love is stronger than our unforgiveness.

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