God’s Big Picture: The Perished Kingdom

God's Big Picture

1st June, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 3 |


Dave Middlebrook teaches on the perished kingdom following our sermon series on God's Big Picture.

Like Michelangelo's Pietà statue that was wrecked by a man in 1972, so too has God's perfect creation been wrecked and destroyed by humanity.

By being disobedient to God and not following God's rule we are trying to become God for ourselves. This is what the fall in Genesis 3 is about.

Today people can't hear God's word because people want to be in charge, they want to be the lawmakers, they want to be God. This leads to broken relationships, between each other, between ourselves and creation and between ourselves and God.

The readings used in this service were:

  • Genesis 3
  • John 8:42-47

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