Exodus: God Chooses Moses


15th March, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 2:1-10,23-25 |


Greg begins a new series looking at the book of Exodus, talking this evening about God choosing Moses.

When our lives enter into a time trial we can sometimes doubt God and ask ourselves 'Where is God?'. The courage and faith of the midwives and Moses' mother, Jochebed, who, in ensuring that Moses lived rather than drowned in the Nile, provided the platform for God to rescue his people from the Egyptians through Moses. We need to have that same faith and courage when doubts come, trusting that God is with us.

Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt back to Canaan, the land promised to them by God. This had been the hope of the Israelites. We have a hope that we too will be lead to a promised land, the kingdom of God. Jesus came to show us the way to this promised land and it is through his death and resurrection.

The other reading in this service is Luke 9:28-35

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