Excellence in Leadership: Nehemiah, The Israelites Confess


25th October, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Nehemiah 9 |


If the book of Nehemiah is as much about the restoring of the people's relationship with their God as it is about the rebuilding of the walls then chapter 9  cuts to the heart of how as disciples of Jesus today our relationship with God needs renewing and restoring through confession of our sin.

1. God is the Focus

Although 'confession' is the lens, God remains the focus. Nehemiah's prayer, although acknowledging both the individual and corporate nature of sin, constantly focusses our attention on the character and nature of God. The God who reveals his nature

2. God is the reference point

We need an external reference point to understand what sin is. Today, God speaks to his people through the Bible.

3. God restores the relationship

Because of God's great love for us is demonstrated in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, he has made a way for our sin to be forgiven. Confession is the key to the renewal and restoration of our relationship with God.

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