Excellence in Leadership: Nehemiah, The Agreement of the People


1st November, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Nehemiah 9:38-10:1,28-39 |


Revival has been defined as 'a moving of God in a community when suddenly the community becomes God conscious'. In Nehemiah 8-10 we see revival amongst the nation of Judah. Nehemiah 8 the people are hungry for God's word. Nehemiah 9 they are convicted of their sin. Nehemiah 10 they make a binding agreement to change the way they live their lives, putting God back at the centre. As Christians we often pray for revival and like the idea of revival, but revival usually means we have to change first. In Nehemiah 10 the agreement, signed by all the people, says they will all be committed to:

Change - we are all leaders and therefore are we willing to be committed to change?

Personal holiness - are we willing to seek more of God's ways and lead lives based on scripture?

God centred family life - do we take our family cultural-norm from God?

God centred work - are we willing to operate our 'business' in a Godly manner, even where that costs us?

God first in worship - does God come first in a our diary, our priorities, our giving?

For spiritual revival to come it needs to start with us. Are we willing to give God the space to work in our lives? Are we willing to make specific 'binding' agreement for how we're going to change?

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