Excellence in Leadership: Nehemiah, Final Reforms


29th November, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Nehemiah 13:1-31 |


As we reach the end of our sermon series we see Nehemiah, now into his old age, still modelling leadership focused on God and keeping his people on 'track'. Sadly in the years since Nehemiah left Jerusalem, the people have once again turned away from God, and the High Priest and others in leadership roles have become corrupted and infiltrated by Tobiah, one of Nehemiah's antagonists during the rebuilding. The people have forgotten all their promises and reforms of Nehemiah 10. On his return Nehemiah takes swift action to turnout the 'enemy within' (v6-9), to counteract deterioration in temple worship (v10-13), to ensure correct practices in business and rest (v15-22a), and to establish Jewish practices in the home (v23-28). This is within the context prayer (v14,22b,29,31b), where we see Nehemiah's heart-felt plea to God to 'remember me'. The book of Nehemiah starts and finishes in prayer as we see this excellent leader modelling leadership as he waits on God in prayer, plans under God's guidance, shows decisive leadership, always puts God first, keeps the ultimate goal in mind, resists opposition, and perseveres with the task God has given him, even into his old age.

We are Christian leaders in the place God has put us (work, home, college, family ...etc) because, often, we are the only Christian there. Do we model Nehemiah's excellent model of Godly leadership?

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