Encounters with Jesus: What is wrong with the world as it is?

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

2nd April, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 3:1-7; John 4:1-26 |


In much of society today we look to blame others for the state of the world. It is ....... fault that the world is at it is! In politics we've seen refugees and immigrants 'blamed', in our everyday lives we look to others ("Have you had an accident at work ....." "Have you been mis-sold insurance...."). A lot of this is pointing fingers away from  ourselves and but perhaps we need to look closer to home when we ask "What is wrong with the world as it is? There are no insiders and outsiders, no others to blame. The root of the problem appears to be 'sin'. In John 3 and 4 we get two very contrasting people meeting Jesus: John 3 is the insider, Nicodemus, moral, civic leader, part of the establishment; in John 4 the outsider, Samaritan woman, immoral, outcast, rejected by the establishment. As we see Jesus encounter these two people we realise they are not that different, and if they have a similar problem, so do all the rest of us. Both are looking for fulfillment and satisfaction outside themselves; the women in her relationship with men, and Nicodemus in his fulfilling of rules and being important. Neither will find fulfillment in these 'false gods'. Jesus says he is the source of life, that will 'become a spring of water welling up to eternal life'. Only Christ can provide that deep satisfaction from within. Where do we seek fulfillment and satisfaction? Are we so busy looking for fulfillment in our jobs, money, relationships, next gadget, that we forget that Christ is the only source of real fulfillment: "Whoever drinks of the water He gives them will never thirst again" John 4:14

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