Encounters with Christ: Jesus Meets Nathanael, the Sceptic Student!

Dave Clarke

19th March, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 28:10-17; John 1:43-51 |


Outline: Today we begin a new sermon series “Encounters With Jesus”, based loosely on a book of the same title by pastor and apologist Tim Keller.

The origins of the book were in a series of evangelistic addresses to students at Oxford University, looking at the way Jesus invited a wide diversity of people into the life of faith. In this way, the new sermon series builds nicely upon the J John Natural Evangelism material we have recently covered.

The first encounter is Jesus and Nathanael “the sceptic student” who has an attitude (can anything good come out of Nazareth?) yet an open honesty in the questions of life for which he seeks answers.

Jesus draws him initially through a supernatural revelation, which gets Nathanael’s attention, then reminds that he hasn’t seen anything yet! He will go on to find in Jesus, Israel’s Messiah and Son of God, all the answers to his questions and deepest longings.

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