Drama of Scripture 3: Promise of Restoration of the Kingdom: Israel’s Mission

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

22nd October, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 15:1-7,12-16,18-21; Luke 24:13-31 |


In Act 3 of our series we see God choosing a people to start rebuilding a relationship between him and humanity, a restoration that will come to fruition in Christ. The whole of the Old Testament reveals God's plan to come to earth in  human form, that was his plan from the start. We see that plan starting as he makes a covenant, a promise, to Abram in Genesis 15. The Old Testament is very relevant to our understanding of Christ, and of course it was the Bible that Jesus read; the prayer he prayed, the bedtime stories he had as a child, the prophecies he pondered, and on the Emmaus road the scripture he to the disciples. For us the Old Testament gives us a fuller, richer, deeper, more mysterious picture of God, our God who acts in human history. The Old Testament is seeped in the imagery of Journey, and of a people who knew God with them on that journey. We can read it as an interesting historical document, or as our story, speaking into our own journey from bondage and slavery to freedom and eternity, from our Egypt and exile to our new Jerusalem and the promised land. We are part of the drama of scripture, and we too have that promise of restoration through Christ, and just like the Hebrew people not because we are good, or right, or loyal, but because God is good, God is righteous, and God is our God and we're his people, descendants of Abram.

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