Deanery Day Celebration: We are living God’s Love

Bishop Alan spent a long, varied and stimulating day in St Albans Diocese looking at various aspects of the life of the church and the Christian ministry of the deanery.
Bishop Alan encouraged us, and reminded us, of the need to continue to be "Living God's Love", as we seek to help one another "Go Deeper Into God", "Make New Disciples", and "Transform Communities".
Bishop Alan highlighted the characteristics of growing churches under each of these three strands of Living God's Love:
Go Deeper Into God - Help people grow in their personal faith
                                  - Improve the quality of our worship
                                  - Encourage pilgrimage and times away
Make New Disciples - Grow faith of children and young people
                                 - Offer courses for enquirers
                                 - Reach out to welcome those unconnected with church
                                 - Create frsh expressions and pioneer ministries
Transform Communities - Confront injustice
                                 - Engage in  social action that addresses local needs
                                 - Protect the vulnerable and the environment
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