Daniel 9 – Daniel’s Prayer

Dave Clarke

5th June, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Daniel 9:1-19 and Matthew 6:5-1 |


Partial recording


Outline:  In Daniel 9 we encounter one of the most famous prayers in the Bible. As the prophet ponders the demise of the Babylonian Empire, he turns to his Scriptures - to the prophet Jeremiah and reads that Israel time of exile will be for “seventy years.” As that time is almost over, it spurs him to pray for the restoration of God’s people.

We look at Daniel’s prayer and the way he prays to God to bring about the end of the exile by appealing to……..

  1. God’s Faithfulness to his Word (vs1-3)
  2. God’s Mercy (vs4-16)
  3. God’s Glory (vs17-19)


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