Daniel 10: Vision of the Man

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

12th June, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Daniel 10:1-21 & Luke 22:39-44 |


We approach the end of our look at Daniel and the final 3 chapters cover Daniel's last vision, the message of which is the main theme of the whole book "In spite of present appearances, God is in control, even of the future". Daniel 10 introduces the vision but really its prime purpose is to give us a glimpse behind the scenes of what happens when we pray. Daniel, the great prophet, is also a great man of prayer and despite his old age he continues to seek more of God. Here we see him:
a) Praying with determined resolution (v2-3) - fasting and praying while others feast
b) Enlarging his vision of God (v4-9) - God reveals his purity, power, holiness and more
c) Seeking divine revelation (v12-13) - God visits him and speaks to him
d) Understanding that God is sovereign and in control (v10-21) - God reassures him that he hears and knows
This passage challenges us to examine our prayer life and ask ourselves whether we realise the true spiritual nature of prayer, and whether we take prayer seriously, with an enlarged understanding of God, seeking God's heart, and accepting that he is sovereign.

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