Come & See, A Saviour is Born

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

20th December, 2015 ()

Bible Text: John 1:1-5,9-14 |

'Christmas is coming' is a phrase we hear earlier and earlier each year. It almost seems a threat with cards, presents, nativity services, decorations, office parties, and more to pack into an already full diary. 'Christmas is coming' and we all get bound up in the frenzy of the festivities and perhaps we're 'worshipping' the wrong Christmas. When we pause and stop we see that actually Christmas is not about us making the biggest, brightest, 'best' event, it is about remembering God's plan from the beginning of time, His plan to come to us in human form. Christmas is coming - Come and See, A Saviour is Born! This baby lying in a manger was God, already fully God and fully human when he was born. Why did He do that? - because he loves all people, because of the sin of all people, because he wants to save the world. Voluntarily He takes all the sin, all the hurt, all the pain, all the mess of this mixed up world, and nails it to the cross. He defeats it by rising again and opens the door to forgiveness and heaven for all who believe and are willing to step through that door. When we appreciate that baby Jesus is God and comes to save us, and this world, then we say 'Thank God Christmas is coming', and it doesn't matter about the rest. We can know a new peace in our hearts, and say to those around us "Come and see, a saviour is born'

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