Church is ……… The Bride of Christ

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

28th August, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Ephesians 5.22-27; Revelation 21.1-4 |


Over time, at weddings, clothing, hairstyles, photographic style and technique, and more change, but aspects of the bride at weddings remains constant. They are usually beautiful, joyful, radiant, white .... This is the image we need in our mind when we reflect upon the biblical picture of the church as 'the bride of Christ'. We also need to understand that at the time of Christ a couple were betrothed and then the groom left, and the bride waited expectantly for the groom to return, at an unknown time, to claim his bride and take her to the wedding feast. While waiting the betrothed bride was expected to behave as if she were married and be prepared and ready for the groom at all times. What a privilege for us, the church, to be considered the 'Bride of Christ'! For Christ he loves us so much we are 'to die for', even if we do not always reciprocate that love. The challenge for us as 'church' is are we always ready, radiant, joyful, beautiful, and ready for Christ to return and claim us, his bride.

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