Church is …….. People

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

31st July, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Acts 2:41-47; Hebrews 8:7-12 |


 For many people in society 'church' is seen as boring and irrelevant, and all about buildings, pews, incomprehensible words, and something they ignore or occasionally have to grin and bear. But is this right? The word church comes from "ekklesia", which means 'gathering of people'. Church is really two or more people gathering together with God as the focus. On that basis church is not just what happens for an hour or so on a Sunday morning, but includes life groups, midweek activities, the work conversations about God over the photocopier, the Christ-centred conversations at the school gate, and more, are all 'church'. The church we see in Acts saw everyone as being equal and valuable and journeying together. Church has been defined as when we 'one another one another': love another, honour one another, carry one another's burdens and more. Our Hebrews reading says the 'old covenant' has gone - with rituals and someone 'doing God' on your behalf - to a new covenant of grace where all are accepted and are exploring faith together. We may get it wrong at times, but let us bear with one another as we seek to be church, the people of God.

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