Blessed?… In Sin?


30th March, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Jeremiah 44 |


Neil Brookes continues our series on Jeremiah.

Don't be deceived by feeling blessed whilst we are sinning.

We know the consequences of disobeying God but we're comfortable, we feel that we are generally good people; why do we need Jesus?

These apparent blessings are only short lived. God is patient with us, giving us time to repent.

God does want to bless us; it's his natural state.

Hard work often brings gain but these aren't necessarily God's blessings.

Idolatry is not the cure.

Are we slow to learn? We need to learn from past mistakes, from history.

God's power is shown in the light of what doesn't work.

What does it mean to be truly blessed by God - Psalm 1.

Biblical blessing is all about knowing Christ.

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