APCM 2016 – “God’s Growth Strategy”

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

24th April, 2016 ()

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 3:5-17 and Luke 24:44-49 |

Our annual meeting is a time to look back with thankfulness to God for all that he has been doing. As I read the annual report I give thanks for the many wonderful people, the way God is moving in people's lives, the finances and generosity of people, the facilities we have .... and much more. I give thanks for the growth we've seen in life groups, prayer, responses to sermons, numbers (approx. 6-7%), and more. I also believe there is more that God wants to give us, and more to come. Our 1 Cor 3 reading says that God makes it grow - we are God's fellow workers, we are God's building, God's temple, but God makes it grow. "God's Growth Strategy" is to draw all people to himself, through forgiveness, in Christ (Luke 24) and we have the privilege of being part of that, fellow workers to the master builder. All that we do has to be about sharing the gospel with people, that we Jesus intention for his church, to share the gospel and to grow. We do our part as witnesses (Luke 24) - saying what we have seen, what Christ has done, what we understand - and God does the rest - he brings the growth. Our part in that is to ensure we 'pray', we 'proclaim', and we focus on 'people'.
Some planted, some watered, but God is making it grow. We are God's fellow workers, God's sacred temple. We are witnesses to Christ, we have been clothed with power.
Let's looks forward with anticipation for what God has for us next.

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