Advent+: King of the Hill

Rev. Dave Middlebrook

31st December, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 3:16-21; Matthew 2:1-21 |


How many Kings are there in the Christmas story? Two! The wise men are never called Kings in the bible. But we do have two 'King of the Jews" (Matthew 2:1) - King Herod and King Jesus. These two kings are very different. King Herod was a tyrant who sought to destroy anyone who got in his way. He aimed to build a legacy for himself with building of the temple, fortress at Masada, port at Caesarea, and more. Those buildings are all in ruins, and Herod "The Great", is known in history as a killer and a murderer. King Jesus sought to serve others, to free people, to serve God. His legacy, although he never built anything, are hospitals, schools, universities and more around the world, his teaching underpinning much of the legal system and democracies of the world, and of course his ultimate legacy is forgiveness for humanity and opening the door of heaven for eternity. The first Christmas was a 'royal battle' - which King would come out on top? That battles goes on in each one of us each day. While we're not murderous tyrants are we, like Herod, all about "King Self", or do we seek to follow "King Jesus", which is about serving others, serving God, and accepting Christ? In 2018 let each of us commit to serve "King Jesus" more, and "King self" less.

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