Advent+: Freedom Song (Zechariah) (9.15am)

Dave Clarke

17th December, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-7; Luke 1:67-80 |


Outline: For our Advent 3 sermon, we return to the character of Zechariah, wife of Elizabeth and soon to be father of John the Baptist.

Time has moved on from Zechariah’s encounter with the Angel Gabriel, who struck the priest dumb after his hesitation to believe God’s promise of a son in his old age. Now the son has been born and during the naming ceremony, Zechariah’s faith is restored and he sing out this prophetic song of praise we traditionally call The Benedictus (Latin, blessed, the first word of the song).

This is Zechariah’s freedom song which we look at under two headings;

1. The first half from v68-75, directed to God, blessing him for the great salvation and freedom that is dawning in the coming Messiah.

2. The remaining half from v76-79 which is a blessing for his son John, thankfulness to God for the unique part John will play in the future, pointing Israel back to its true God and his Messiah, King Jesus!

From these two headings we see that God’s promises are absolutely trustworthy and like Zechariah, we are called to be amazed again God’s faithfulness towards each of us and displayed for all in his Messiah Jesus!

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