Advent+: A Big Story in a Small City (Zechariah)

Dave Clarke

3rd December, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Luke 1:5-25; Malachi 4:1-6 |


Outline: In Advent 2017, we are looking at the various characters who feature in the Advent/Christmas story from the point of view of Luke’s Gospel. The first talk begins with the story of Zechariah, the elderly priest and his wife Elizabeth, who late in life, miraculously conceive a son, John (the Baptist) who is the herald of the coming Messiah Jesus.

We look at the following headings;

1. Who are Zechariah and Elizabeth?

2. Who is John, the child of promise?

3. How not to talk to an angel (especially Gabriel)!

In this talk we see how God advances and fulfills his big promises for the salvation of the world through the lives of ordinary people who will follow and obey him.

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