Clive & Andrea Thomas and Alistair


Clive & Andrea Thomas

Clive and Andrea were members of various youth groups at St Luke’s when they were younger and have been associated with us ever since.

During a visit to Asia in 1993 they felt God calling them to serve in Nepal and after a period of training at All Nations they joined the International Nepal Fellowship in Pokhara in 1995. INF marries faith and works, demonstrating God’s love for the Nepali people through meeting their physical needs. Clive is a member of INF’s international board and he and Andrea have support roles in INF; Clive in IT and Andrea in Personnel.

In 2007 they began working with All Nations to help develop courses for shorter term mission training needs and developed courses that can be accessed via the Internet.

They now divide their time between Nepal and the UK, spending about 6 months each year at All Nations and 6 months in Pokhara.


Alistair is an IT specialist and the brother of Andrea Thomas. He is currently based in Nepal with the Nepali National Languages Institute, an agency working on literacy and language development. Incredibly there are over 100 languages spoken in Nepal, some of which do not have a written form or any tradition of literature.

Alastair works with a team engaged in translation of scripture into local languages, developing computer fonts and symbols for alphabets and characters quite unlike the scripts we are used to in Europe. He also works on drafts of translated scriptures preparing computer files to go for printing and then delivering and distributing the finished work. The IT work is complicated, requiring careful research and study, as well as immense patience.


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