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Dr Alfred Olwa giving his address at Moore College 2013 Graduation CeremonyAlfred was guest speaker at Moore College in Sydney, Australia for their 2013 graduation ceremony. Dr Alfred Olwa gave a stirring graduation address based on the book of Jude about contending and being willing to die for the Christian faith. He warned the graduates to be prayerful, vigilant and to keep building themselves up in their faith to protect the gospel.

Older News

Thank you for thinking about me always! I returned to Uganda on 5/5/2012! It feels so good to be back. However, returned work straight-away and never had time to rest.

The children have been great as always. I am having several meetings in addition to my classes at Uganda Christian University. The Vice Chancellor has appointed me be the Chairman of the controversial University Housing Committee. We have already met once! A lot of decisions that need wisdom are already pending and need to be made. I have been asked to head the department of Practical Studies (which has a lot of travelling …) in addition to my teaching subjects this Semester (Christian Mission, Biblical Interpretation and supervision of undergraduate research projects).

Last week we had a visiting preacher who also co-taught Christian mission with me to BD1 and Master of Theology 1 with me., Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi. He was terrific as usual!

I have not yet got a moment to visit Ayile and my parents. Today had been the celebration of Uganda Martyrs Day at Namugongo. There have been millions of Christians that trekked on foot from all over East Africa to the celebration at Namugongo. Our preacher, Bishop Edward Muhima preached from Col 1:17!

Prayer Points For You to Consider

  1. The Car Each week I have been bump-starting it! The two batteries need replacement. Several seals in the engine leak. Because I had to take Hope back to school & return to her school for the meeting of parents of the candidate class I had to take the car.
  2. I visited Mercy yesterday at her house. Her job is ending on 22nd of June. The project that she works for is officially closing down and will not be renewed. So she has to find a new job; that is not easy. Thank God it is happening when I am back home. She has been very helpful in school visitation & other domestic activities (with my parents in Lira & home in Mukono) in my absence studying in Australia.

Praise Points

  1. I am very happy with my lecturing job (it keeps me in touch with the students whom I am shaping for the next generation of Church leaders in Africa).
  2. There is great hope in the students the Lord had sent for us to train.
  3. The many opportunities that I have for preaching the gospel here and beyond.

I will update you with more news when I have a moment. Much is happening here for God’s Glory!

Alfred Olwa

Alfred is from Uganda; we first came to know Alfred when he was studying for a Master’s degree at the London School of Theology and was attached to St Luke’s. After his two years of study in England he was appointed in Dean of the Faculty of Divinity and Theology at Uganda Christian University (formerly Bishop Tucker College) in Mukono, east of Kampala.

At the Uganda Christian University Alfred’s duties included teaching new pastors for first degrees, teaching clergy studying for Master’s degrees and providing support training for spouses. He has set up several new courses in the faculty and co-founded the African Areopogus Society, a forum where the link between science and religion is discussed by the university community.

Alfred is an influential member of several boards and committees in the Anglican Church of East Africa. He is also a Canon of All Saints Cathedral at Boroboro in the diocese of Lango, Northern Uganda (Alfred’s home area) and has regularly spent time counselling refugees from, and victims of, the long-running insurrection of the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army.

You can read about a visit Alfred made in Australia to the Katherine Christian Convention in 2010.


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