May 212013

Grace concludes our series on Party Time with the celebration of Pentecost reminding us that we need to be continually refueled by the Holy Spirit.

May 132013

Grace looks at the promise of healing and restoration found in Isaiah 44:1-5 for God’s chosen people, intimately known and named, in all our brokenness.

May 132013

Do you feel involved in your faith? Or are you standing in the corner? Have we passed through the gate of faith?

Dave Middlebrook, continuing our Party Time theme, talks about Jesus statement in John 10: “I am the gate”. When we pass through the gate of Christ we are promised abundant life, life in all its fullness. We must claim this inheritance that will never perish, spoil or  fade. (1 Peter 1:4)

Mar 262013

A short talk by Grace during our Palm Sunday service followed by a meditation from the Iona Community on the thoughts of one of the owners of the colt ridden by Jesus into Jerusalem read by Jack Watson.

The meditation was followed by 3 minutes of silence to let the meditation settle and for us to hear what God is saying to us through those thoughts. Please take the time to reflect and hear for yourself what God is saying to you after listening.


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